Who would use a Polygraph Test?

Commercial Sector

Since bank employees often are responsible for or have access to large amounts of money and other valuables, banks often use polygraph testing to determine employee honesty and dignity.  Polygraph testing is often used by businesses who have suffered a loss caused by employee theft, sabotage or vandalism.  In these cases the polygraph examinations are set up to gauge employee honesty and loyalty to the company.

Private Sector

Individuals, families and therapists use polygraph examinations to verify statements and to find the truth in a variety of issues, including but not limited to issues involving infidelity, drug use, addictions, sex offenses, physical abuse and other criminal activities.

Legal Community

The polygraph is used extensively by attorneys who wish to provide the best possible defence for their clients.  Many attorneys will submit their own clients to a polygraph examination, while others will use the polygraph to verify statements made by witnesses and other parties to the litigation.

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