Cases in which to use a Polygraph Test

Criminal and civil caseslie detector test

In some cases related to civil lawsuits or criminal trials, hard evidence is not always available or not always enough.  Polygraph testing is used to bolster evidence or to determine the trustworthiness of a witness.  Polygraph examiners are allowed to testify in criminal and civil cases.  Police often use the polygraph in investigations across the country.

Government: Pre-employment screening

Government agencies hiring employees for sensitive jobs will often use polygraph screening to select candidates.

Issues related to homeland security

The Intelligence Agency of Investigation, National Security Agency and other bodies charged with the nation’s security routinely use polygraphs to uncover crimes and threats against the nation.

lie detector employmentSelecting, employing and retaining loyal employees

Companies can save money and relieve stress by using polygraph testing to expose:

  • Fabricated Curriculum-Vita and Employment History [ CV fact background check ]
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Fraudulent submission of Overtime /Petty Cash /Petrol Account and other work expenses
  • Theft and work-related misconduct
  • Sexual harassment in the work place
  • Hidden motives for seeking employment
  • Affiliation with gang /criminal elements
  • Gambling Abuse
  • Past & present crimes or misconducts
  • Fraud in the workplace

To this end, PSA provides the following polygraph testing

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Periodic employee testing
  • Selective/random employee testing
  • Employee testing during specific case investigations

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