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How accurate is the polygraph examination??

The polygraph technique is very accurate. According to the American polygraph Association, over 250 studies have been conducted over the past twenty five years on the accuracy of polygraph testing. It is estimated that the accuracy of the results is in the range of 85-95%.More recently, research has shown that the accuracy of computerised polygraph testing is 98%.

Polygraph remains the most accurate technology presently available to identify deception.


Can someone beat a polygraph test?

Polygraph examiners are trained to spot any attempt to “trick the machine”. The examiner looks for specific physiological reactions. When someone tries this ‘stunts, it will be obvious to the examiner and it will immediately have a negative effect on the results.

Who designs the questions?

The examiner works closely with the client to design test questions that are best suited to resolve the issue/s under investigation.  The question design is a collaborative effort so that the examination can serve its intended purpose.  Each examination is thus custom-made.

Does being nervous affect the outcome of the polygraph test?

It is quite normal for an innocent person to feel nervous and the Polygraph examiner is very aware of this. Nervous reactions that recorded on the polygraph charts are not interpreted by the polygraph examiner as deception. Nervous reactions are completely different from those reactions that are recorded when a person is deliberately lying.

How can I pass a polygraph test?

There is only one way to pass a polygraph test.  Telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

What is the minimum age for a polygraph test?

Anyone 18 years of age and older can legally consent to a polygraph examination.  Under 18 years, requires written permission from the parent or guardian.  Most examiners will not test children younger than 12 years of age.

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  • How accurate is a polygraph?
  • Can someone beat a polygraph test?
  • Who designs the questions?